Der stumme Tod, by Volker Kutscher

15618813Possible English translation: The silent death

I had with this book a similar experience that I had reading another book last year. Both were books from detectives’ saga that I didn’t start from the first ‘episode’. So in both of them I found characters that were already introduced to the reader, so I always felt like I was missing something. Luckily for me, this story was way more interesting than the one I read last year. For a start, every now and then there were chapters written from the sight of an anonymous character that one could think were worthy of our attention because they might leads us to solving the case. And, yes, I believe that’s it, that was the most interesting part. The rest is quite common, a detective with bad temper, that doesn’t get along with some of his superiors, is on and off of a case about missing and then found death actresses in Berlin, during the transition between silent and talking pictures. Nothing out of this world, but good for entertainment.