Heidi’s children, by Charles Tritten

510507Johanna Spyri was the original author of Heidi, and Charles Tritten was his translator to English. He decided it would be a good idea to write sequels to the original story, such as Heidi growing up and, like this book, having children. I haven’t read the original novel, but I did read the first sequel, Heidi and Peter as a kid. What I can remember from that book is that there were some passages suspiciously similar (for not saying “exactly the same”) to another of Spyri’s work (Grittli or Jörli, I can’t remember). For this occasion, he came up with a story that I found uninspired, soul-less and stiff. I couldn’t relate or bond with the characters AT ALL and the book was for me so annoying that made me wish to reach the ending as fast as possible.