The Innocent Libertine, by Colette

18077533I’ve been wanting to read something from Colette for a while, and I was lucky to find this little book, hidden in a second-hand book stand.

This story is divided in two parts, in two different moments in Minne’s life. At first, we found her as a teenager, completely naïve in the eyes of her mother, but not at all in reality, although she might be a little too impressionable. She escaped one night from her home following the delusion that she’s eloping with a fugitive she read about on the newspaper. She went into dark alleys, getting herself lost in the faubourgs, looking for this man, until she realized it was everything on her head. On the second part, we found Minne now married, in her twenties, but utterly bored and unsatisfied. She was having several affairs, trying to find in others what she was missing at home, but still not having what she wanted. Eventually, she will realized her happiness was closer than she thought.

I enjoyed this story, and it was so short!! At the end, I was the one left wanting more!