The Woman Destroyed, by Simone de Beauvoir

13628515This book compiles 3 short stories with certain characteristics in common. The three are led by middle aged women, and they’re centered in their failed relationships. The first one, “Prime of Life”, is about a professor and scholar that has to deal with the changes in thought and ideologies of her only son, and her incapability to accept these changes, confronting his husband’s reactions to the matter. The second one, “Monologue”, is an uninterrupted train of thoughts of a woman that is kept away from her son, who lives with his father, and mourns the death of a teenage daughter, some years ago. And the last one, “The woman destroyed”, is written as the diary of a woman that finds out her husband has been cheating on her with an ambitious and younger lawyer. Although it was a very interesting reading, I felt like I lacked connection with these characters, probably because I’m not even close to their situation in life.