Nuestros años sesentas: La formación de la nueva izquierda intelectual argentina, 1956-1966, by Oscar Terán

30752723Title translation (approx.): Our sixties: the formation of Argentina’s new intellectual left, 1956-1966

This book is also included in my must-read for my graduation project from hell (I want this to be over).

This work studies the changes in the intellectual field, from the end of Perón’s second presidency to Onganías’s coup d’etat to president Illia. This period of feeble elected governs interleaved with military dictatorships saw the apparition of a “new left” in our country, distanced from the “traditional” left (socialism and communism) and in dialogue with the “third” position represented by peronism, in a time of persecution of any peronist manifestation, in the conflictive international context of the Cold War and the Cuban revolution.

This book analyzes the intellectual production of the period, contrasting and comparing the work of several intellectuals, journalists, politics, philosophers, etc., in a time when an “armed revolution” was more a thought that a possibility in our country,