Sappho, by Alphonse Daudet

alfonso-daudet-safo-504401-mla20324107927_062015-fThis novel wasn’t exactly what I expected from the title, but still, I loved it as much as I’ve always loved everything I’ve read from Daudet. The story is pretty much like any other of these starring a cocotte except (and I found this surprising) she doesn’t die!! I was quite relieved, to be honest. She’s not a martyr, she’s a survivor. Few of these stories are focused on the cocotte, and this is not one of those. The protagonist is Jean, a young man recently moved to Paris from the country, that meets Fanny, known as Sappho in the intellectual and artistic circle, in a party. From that night they start and on/off relationship that he hides from his family, because the couple knows that, after a couple of years, Jean must go abroad to pursue his career as ambassador (or something like that, I can’t remember). Like any of these stories, it doesn’t have a happy ending (but nobody dies! that’s new).