Miniatures: the very short fiction of John Scalzi, by John Scalzi


The ex-planet Pluto has a few choice words about being thrown out of the solar system. A listing of alternate histories tells you all the various ways Hitler has died. A lawyer sues an interplanetary union for dangerous working conditions. And four artificial intelligences explain, in increasingly worrying detail, how they plan not to destroy humanity. (from Goodreads)

This book was recommended to me by Jennifer in a swap. She recommended it so HARD and with such passion and enthusiasm that totally convinced me that I had to read it. Once I told her this, she was super kind and she sent it to me.

This is a comedy book. And this is also a science fiction book. Like I said earlier, sci-fi is far from being familiar to me, so I’d like to get a little more into it. If all sci-fi books are like this one, that won’t be a problem at all!

Each one of these short stories (there are more than the four summarized in the Goodreads’ synopsis) is presented by Scalzi himself, giving a little context,  and they’re not exactly narrated, is more like they’re acted. Some stories have several characters, so at times there’s a whole bunch of different actors.  

There’s no story I didn’t like, they all made me laugh! If I had to choose a favorite, that would be “Pluto tells all”. Pluto was always my favorite planet (thanks to Sailor Moon), so I’m still resentful that they kicked it out of the solar system. But, apparently, as it explains in this story, it took it pretty well.

So, as Jen did first, is my duty now to recommend this book. It really won’t took more than a couple of hours of your time (I really wish it were longer) and you won’t regret it.