The human condition, by André Malraux

la-condicion-humana-andre-malraux-d_nq_np_138611-mla20610389568_032016-fAfter reading so many children’s books I wanted to have a more “grown-up” reading.

I only bought this book because of the author. I read a very little thing from Malraux at uni, so when I found this book, that had no  information in its exterior except for the title and the author and that seemed to be a novel, I said to myself “I’ll probable like this”. Well… I didn’t hate it but I didn’t quite enjoy it either. This novel is situated during a communist revolution that occured in China and started in the late 20s. This was completely out of my comfort zone and made me realize how little I know about the 20th century history, particularly this timeline. The book depicts the difference of opinions existent within the Communist Party, the position of the USSR as the headlight of the party, the position of those that were acting against the party at that moment, the role that the colonialist interests of France in Asia, etc. It’s full with inner dialogues and philosophical meditations. It’s a great “grown-up” reading, but not the kind I needed at that time. But I’ll definitely give it a second reading sometime in the future.