What Katy did at school, by Susan Coolidge

26594044When I was a kid I read What Katy did next, which I soon realized, after reading the first pages, that wasn’t the first time Katy was introduced to the readers. This year I got to read this book, which wasn’t either the first, but the second book in the Katy series. Here we find Katy as a teenager. She and her sister Clover have the chance to go to a boarding school where a far cousin attends. They’re not very keen to the idea of leaving home for such a long time, knowing that this school is very far away and they won’t even have the opportunity of coming back home for the Holidays, but their dad convinces them and there they go. They make friends, they have fun, they become the moral compasses of their friends as the two very well educated young ladies that they are and everyone is as happy as expected.