Pequeños delitos abominables, by Esther Tusquets

13411570[Small abominable crimes]

This book is a compendium of little petty attitudes, selfish actions, and related “crimes”, basically a very abarcative list of things certain people do having absolutely no regard for other people. Like having a loud cellphone conversation on a public space (i.e.:, trains, restaurants, waiting rooms), being always late, general lack of empathy, beign unable to accept a favor or a present, useless and endless work meetings, parent/teachers meetings,  always having a bigger and better anecdote then the one you’re listening to, etc etc etc. The list is too long. Of some things I declare myself guilty, with others, I’ve been in the receiving end and I agree with the author, and there were even some I don’t consider relevant at all.
I honestly thought this book would be more entertaining, but  more often than not I found myself just bored of reading a peroration of complaints. Coincidentally, “Complaining too much” wasn’t part of the list. I guess this is book to read little by little, one item of the list at a time, instead of reading for long periods… But I just wanted to get over with it .
Who’s fault is it, then?