La nueva izquierda argentina : 1960-1980, by Claudia Hilb and Daniel Lutzky

39350020Title translation (approx.): Argentina’s new left: 1960-1980

Like Terán’s book, this one is also about the “new left”, but instead of making a study specifically of the intellectual background, it centers in the political and social context that formed a  generation to enroll in clandestine guerrillas during the 70s.

It analyzes the methods of these organizations, their idea of a future society and their relation with peronism, considering that this radicalized youth grew up, unlike their parents, in a period of conscription of the peronist party. They yearned for Perón’s comeback and, once it happened, he didn’t step up to their expectations and they didn’t comply to his.

In case you didn’t guess, yes, another book for my graduation project. I’ve been reading several books about it, but these were the ones I read in their entirety (for now). Next week, back to the regular schedule.