Painé y Juan Cruz, by María Cristina Casadei

34328679Painé and Juan Cruz have a lot of things in common. They were born on the same day and both are very loved by their parents. Painé is mapuche*, Juan Cruz is criollo**. They met one morning in which they both disobeyed their parents and went to play near the railways. Pretty much since the first moment they become friends and leave on an adventure, accompanied by a lost puma cub, meeting a lot of new people and exploring the natural surroundings.

This is a children’s book lent by a friend during my vacations. She meant to show me the beautiful illustrations it has, but I went on and read it. It’s a great book I believe for kids living and growing up in Rio Negro, the province my friend is from and where I spent my summer vacations. It shows a bit of the different cultural background that compose today’s population in the area, and talks about the particular environment in the region, teaching kids to value and respect their historical and natural backgrounds.

* a group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina

** Latin Americans who are of full or near full pre-colonial Spanish descent, distinguishing them from both multi-racial Latin Americans and Latin Americans of post-colonial (and not necessarily Spanish) European immigrant origin.