La niña guerrera y otras historias reales, by Laura Ramos

1315855w300Possible English translation: The warrior girl and other real stories

This is a compilation of stories about real women from the LGTB community. Some of them are iconic within this community and others have been known outside its “borders”. What I liked about this book is the way these stories are told. Each one seems like a tale, like they’re fiction, and they are all very different. All women (or girls, because the stories are told from their childhood) are most of the time only called by their first name, so we have Lisa, Albertina, Giovanna, Ntombifuthi, Marta, Irupé. And through the reading we see them grow, we learn about their environment, the history I’ve learned from books happening around them and sometimes through them and then, when the tale ends, with the girls already turned into women, we can see what they’ve become, the real women they are, here and now. And, a few times, some stories are intertwined, and you can see Marta in Albertina’s tale and viceversa. I think it’s a lovely book, because it’s been written with love.