Modigliani Scandal, by Ken Follet

2103981Before this book, the only one I’ve read of Follet’s works was The Pillars of the Earth. Lately I found out that he wrote lots of books, and most of them were related to the Cold War, spies and such things. But, out of those and the large historic related novels like Pillars, he wrote this novel, that could be classified as… uhm… mystery? It’s a very dynamic story that develops around the search of a Modigliani painting (of course), involving an art student, various art galleries, an actress, her assistant, broke rich people, failed artists turned into art forgers, some mobsters, a private investigator, and goes from London to various little towns in Italy. Each chapter starts with one or two characters, follows them in certain situations and then the next chapter begins with the last character the previous had contacted. The reader is taken from one place to the other vertiginously, and sees a hint of the cobweb that has been forging. At the end, you get to see how some things were not exactly what they seemed.