Death comes to Pemberley, by P. D. James


14094970This is a fan fiction that got big. The author takes the characters from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, some years after the ending of that book. Both Jane and Elizabeth are still happily married and have formed a lovely family. As every year, Elizabeth is in charge of a big ball at Pemberley, but this one doesn’t take place. The night before the event, Lydia, Elizabeth’s younger sister, arrived at Pemberley in a shock state clamoring that his husband, George Wickham, might be dead in the forest. It turns out that Wickham was still alive, but gets suspected of his friend’s murder. The rest of the book is, basically, like any other mystery novel, trying to find out if Wickham is or isn’t the murderer.

I guess I didn’t have any expectations about this book. I’m a big fan of Austen, so at first was a bit shocking reading about these beloved characters in a style that’s not like hers, but the overall result is quite positive.

There is a beautiful TV adaptation that I highly recommend.