La pelusa de los días, by Sole Otero


This book doesn’t have an English title, but it could be translated to “The fluff of days”, or maybe “The dust bunny of days”, depending on your interpretation xD

This one was a Christmas present from my brother. If there’s anything I could expect from him on Christmas, it definitely will be some comic book or graphic novel 🙂

I began reading La pelusa de los días a long time ago, when it was just a daily comic strip online and I had already been reading Otero for a while. At some point, this daily bits just stopped appearing on my feed (I blame Facebook on this) and they just fade away from my memory. It was very nice getting back to them, and this was my very last reading of the year 2017.

One of the first things Pelusa (the main character) tells us is that the author and herself are not the same person. However, as long as the reading progresses, it is pretty clear that “the limit does not exist”, and the comics turn pretty autobiographical: breaking up, going back to live with her mother, her life as a freelancer, moving out alone, getting closer to 30, and any other quotidiane mundanity that makes everything so relatable.