Les Superstitions au Moyen Âge, by Jean Verdon

33290126English title: Superstitions in the Middle Ages

I couldn’t find an English translation of this book, nor an abstract in Goodreads…

I fucking love the Middle Ages. There’s no other way to say it. Would I like to live there? Definitely not, but damn it’s an interesting subject. Probably my favorite subject for history books.
What’s a thousand years in the history of mankind? Absolutely nothing, and however it’s so mind blowing to read about these times, just a millennium ago. Sometimes it feels like I’m not reading history, that it’s more like any other fantasy novel, all the otherworldly experiences this people had back then, in apparently a daily basis. It probably wasn’t like that at all, most people sure had plain lives, but when one is reading about it, it feels as if things were like “oh well, that neighbor was killed by a demon last week and a guy in that other village saw a witch flying in her broom the other night” etc.
I really liked this book. I especially loved the way in how these subjects were treated, like they were real. Because they were totally real, as long as people believed they were. There were documents, treaties, essays from those times, proving the existence of all this stuff. And, at the same time, it was also very clear when things weren’t real at all and were used for political, social or economic reasons. Like witch hunts and such.
Great great great reading!