The Sky is Falling, by Sidney Sheldon


Washington TV anchorwoman Dana Evans suspects the accidents befalling the rich Winthrop family, killing all five members, were murders. Like Chicken Little and the sky falling, she chases clues across the world to unravel an international conspiracy. The inheritance goes to charity, so money is not the motive.

Her Sarajevo ward Kemal gets expelled, a prosthetic arm, then often naps afternoons under care of kindly new housekeeper. Unseen agents follow her, bug hotel rooms, while an evil mastermind voice overhears taped conversations and supervises regular secret auctions, inviting armed wealthy customers. Witnesses and informants die before, and after meetings. Friends become foes, nobody can be trusted. (from Goodreads)

The only thing enjoyed of this book was finishing it, and taking it out of my to-read pile.

I found it completely uninspired, with null literary value. I didn’t care about the story and couldn’t care any less for any of the characters as they didn’t come out not even remotely as real people, I felt they had unidimensional, completely flat personalities. It reminded me of those bad action movies that air here on Saturday afternoons on tv.

I personally wouldn’t say that I “hated” it, but I didn’t like it at all. I was always prejudiced against this author, for whatever reason, so I never felt enthralled to read his works. The one thing this book accomplished was to confirm my prejudice. Maybe he has better works, but I honestly don’t care to find out.