The Golem Cypher: T.R.I.X., by B. V. Bayly

35179435Once one of the best assassins in the galaxy, Cadell is now the hunted.

The Ascendency, the ruling galactic empire and Cadell’s ex-employer, has stripped him of everything and placed a significant bounty on his head. Forced to live with the shadows of his past, Cadell hides on the backwater planets of the outer rim. Away from anyone who would recognize him.

When his old friend and mentor, Salis, dangles a job in front of him that will get him an Ascendency pardon and let him clear his name, Cadell is ready to take it on. Armed with his constant companion, a strange alien symbiote named T.R.I.X. and his skills as an assassin, Cadell sets off to complete the strange job. How hard could it be?

But before long a crude Bounty Hunter, named Jacko, is on his trail with a squad of elite Ascendency soldiers at his command. Dead or alive, they will stop at nothing to find Cadell. His situation worsens as he narrowly escapes capture and arrives at his destination only to find every Bounty Hunter in the galaxy converging on the same planet. Despite the odds stacked against him, Cadell fortifies his resolve and unleashes T.R.I.X. to deal with anyone standing between him and completing the job.

As he gets closer to regaining his freedom, friends and enemies become blurred, and the noose around his neck tightens. (from Goodreads)

(isn’t this synopsis a bit too long?)

I heard of this book being free for a short time on Amazon, so I took a chance with it since I’m not familiar with science fiction and I’ve been wanting to give it a try for a while.

It was ok, I’m not crazy about it, it took me some time to get hooked on it, but eventually I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

I really liked the idea that humans colonized other planets, and that after years of living in different circumstances, there were plenty of human mutations, adaptations to these new environments. That was an interesting concept. It really left me wanting to know more about the Ascendancy (how it works, how it was formed) and why Jacko was so eager to revenge on Cadell. Revenge of what? What happened? I don’t know, maybe it was explained and I wasn’t paying attention.

By the way it ended I assume there will be a sequel.

At this point, the reviews are almost catching up with my readings, so I’ll post more sporadically, beginning with updates once a week and then… we’ll see.

Happy New Year!