Luc et Martine font equipe, by Olivier Séchan

26870198I read the series of Luc and Martine for the first time when I was like 11 or 12 years old, from a library near home (I didn’t take the books home, I read them AT the library, lol). When I found this book at the book shop a huge wave of nostalgia came to me and I had to buy it.

Luc and Martine are a couple of teenagers that can resolve mysteries better than any competent adult in the surroundings, of course. For some reason they always found someone looking suspicious, or found themselves at strange situations. They were everything I always wanted to be: confident, adventurous, brave, and those kinds of things.

I have NO IDEA why they decided to translate the title with that Interpol thing, because 1) Interpol never shows up and 2) there was no international crime.

I remember the young me reading through the series and thinking: “When are they going to kiss each other?” Spoiler: it never happens. They’re just friends