Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages, by Umberto Eco

35183445In this authoritative, lively book, the celebrated Italian novelist and philosopher Umberto Eco presents a learned summary of medieval aesthetic ideas. Juxtaposing theology and science, poetry and mysticism, Eco explores the relationship that existed between the aesthetic theories and the artistic experience and practice of medieval culture. (from Goodreads)

I really liked this book. I’m always “afraid” before reading a non-fiction book by Eco because I always fear I won’t understand a word (I had a tough experience during my first year of college with one of his semiotics works). I was really thrilled to discover, page after page, that this book was either easier to comprehend or I’m getting better with Eco xD Everything made sense and I was actually enjoying reading about medieval philosophy. Of course I wouldn’t recommend it blindly to anyone, unless they might have an interest in the matter, but it’s a very good introductory work to the subject and great reference material.