Grace, Tamar and Laszlo the beautiful, by Deborah Kay Davies

23264617Grace and Tamar are sisters, whether they like it or not. The book holds a bunch of stories about them, some from the point of few of Grace, some from the point of Tamar. Grace is the big sister, the one that misses her few years as only-child. Tamar is the little sister (then the middle sibling), the one that admires her big sister and wants to be around her all-time in an annoying-little-sister kind of way, so she gets angry and frustrated every time Grace rejects her. Each short story advance in their timeline, so as long as the reading goes on, they grow older as well as they grow apart.  By the end of the book, we found them as grown women. My mother lent me this book and she told me “Some of these stories are tough”, but I don’t think so. In my opinion, they just depict the kind of relationship between siblings that are far from idyllic, where it doesn’t matter if they’re related; they just don’t like each other and won’t pretend they do.