Sailor Moon #9, by Naoko Takeuchi


Amidst the chaos caused by Usagi and Chibi-Usa’s body swap, courtesy of the Amazoness PallaPalla, the Sailor Guardians’ primary concern remains Mamoru’s illness and its possible link to the newcomers in town, the Dead Moon Circus. The Amazonesses and their circus animal lackeys go after the Guardians one by one, tempting them with false visions. However, each of the Guardians manage to defeat the enemy after their inner selves shows them their individual heart crystals and new power. Meanwhile, it is still a toss up who the “young maiden” is that Elysion priest Helios seeks: She who shall find and unlock the Golden Crystal that will save Earth, Elysion and Mamoru! (from Goodreads)

I never thought that the age swap between Usa and Chibiusa was something that actually appeared in the manga, it seemed to me like one of those things added in the anime. It was probably one of the chapters I liked the most, because it was quite funny, so it was nice to see it here again. This volume is one of my favorites (and not just because Pluto was in the cover). Most of the chapters are focused on the senshis, and how each of them manages, as they’re attacked by the enemies, to find the power within themselves to transform again. And we get to see how life is for the outer senshis, now living a “normal life” together and raising Hotaru, who seems to grow incredibly fast. They can’t transform either, and when the Earth seems to be at a critical danger, Hotaru finally wakes up as Saturn again, and gives back their powers to the others. That was awesome!

The Pegasus story is still kind of boring, but at least he appeared in his true form and explained himself.


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