Anne of Avonlea, by L. M. Montgomery

28914652At sixteen, Anne is grown up…almost. Her grey eyes shine like evening stars, but her red hair is still as peppery as her temper. In the years since she arrived at Green Gables as a freckle-faced orphan, she has earned the love of the people of Avonlea and a reputation for getting into scrapes. But when Anne begins her job as the new schoolteacher, the real test of her character begins. Along with teaching the three Rs, she is learning how complicated life can be when she meddles in someone else’s romance, finds two new orphans at Green Gables, and wonders about the strange behaviour of the very handsome Gilbert Blythe. As Anne enters womanhood, her adventures touch the heart and the funny bone (from Goodreads)

With this book I finally filled the holes of Anne’s early years (since I started reading this series, a long time ago, with book #3).

I definitely missed Anne’s bubbly and over-excited childhood character, since now, as a young lady, she’s so much composed… She’s the school teacher after all! (isn’t it weird? Thinking of a sixteen year old girl in charge of a class?) But I think, if I remember right, she explains it saying that, after all, she’s not far different from before, she just keeps all her crazy thoughts and avid imagination to herself. I liked that. I guess that’s what we all do… I love the way the characters grow in these books.

And I really feel sorry for Dora, she’s so overlooked just for being such a well-behaved little girl!

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