Eric, by Terry Pratchett

64262Eric is the Discworld’s only demonology hacker. The trouble is, he’s not very good at it. All he wants is the usual three wishes: to be immortal, rule the world and have the most beautiful woman fall madly in love with him. The usual stuff.

But what he gets is Rincewind, the Disc’s most incompetent wizard, and Rincewind’s Luggage (the world’s most dangerous travel accessory) into the bargain. The outcome is an outrageous adventure that will leave Eric wishing once more – this time, quite fervently – that he’d never been born. (from Goodreads)

One of the great things about Pratchett’s books are all the “real life” allusions inserted in this fantastic universe he created. In this occasion you’ll find Faust, Aztec’s society and mythology, the war of Troy, the Odyssey, the hell, according to Dante and some other sources, the creation of the universe, and probably a lot of other things that I’m forgetting. We meet again with Rincewind and the Luggage, and we have a glimpse of Death, of course. The book is filled with Prachett’s trademark humour and storytelling, BUT…

Of all of Discworld’s books I’ve read, this was my least favorite. Despite all of the good things that one can expect and the Pratchett gladly serves, this book felt like it could be so. much. more.

It’s not a bad book, it just feels a bit loose. Probably not the best for a beginner in the saga, mostly because it lacks of all the muchness of, at least, the previous books (I didn’t advance much in the saga to have an idea of how the later books are).


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