The Death of the Moth and other essays, by Virginia Woolf

25109238This book contains several random works of her, some of them were previously published in journals and such, others were conferences, other were never published before. Originally, this book came out after her death, organized and directed by her husband.

Most of the essays are critic or reviews that she did of other books, and I’ve read none of those. Still, those writings aren’t hard or heavy to read and, if anything, make me want to get those books. What called my attention is that many of those books were about famous writers’ correspondence, and Woolf often discuss about their writing style,  which made me think about my style and whatever we normally do while penpalling. It was definitely helpful and inspiring. Most of the time I spent reading this book I was at the train or the metro, and always regretted not having a pencil to underline fragments, and often made me think that I had to show this to this friend or that other friend.

I highly recommend this book, just to have a glimpse of her great, clear and sincere writing style.

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