Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell

22839547I consider myself a newbie towards the Young Adult genre, so last year I decided to seriously try some of the books that I saw almost daily in tumblr’s book blogs. I read Eleanor & Park and I totally loved it, because I thought it was a very interesting and original way of depicting adolescence romance, not cliché at all. After that, I wanted to read ALL THE BOOKS (exaggerating, maybe?) from the author. Luckily, the same company that published here E&P  published also Fangirl, so I was pretty excited about getting the book.

It seems to be a tradition to me to start reading this kind of books when I’m near a due date or I have to study for my finals. I neglected my study time for this book; I was so caught into it! I don’t think it’s as original as the previous was, but it’s definitely equally or even more addictive.

One of the things I liked most from Rowell’s books it’s that sure, we know the girl it’s going to be with the boy at the end, but that’s not the point of the story. It’s usually more about family, how it molded the characters’ life and ways, how they try to deal with it, and how their new-found partners help them through the process. The tale doesn’t end when they finally kiss or they declare their love for each other, that’s just the beginning of a whole new story.


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