1984, by George Orwell

17841055I can see Stalin, I can see Trotsky, but… where’s Lenin? Ok, yes, I admit it, the preliminary study pointed out the physical similarities between the Big Brother and Stalin and then Goldstein and Trotsky; I wouldn’t notice them for myself (maybe in a second, third, fourth reading?).

I loved this book and I hated this book. I loved it because I feel is a masterpiece, it’s really hard to put down once you’re hooked (although that took a few pages for me). The description of this society sounds so crazy but, sadly, so relatable, in a way that makes you think “Yes, this could totally happen”. And that’s way I hated it, it gets scary. It makes you like the characters, it makes you believe that there’s a way out of that society for them. It gives you hope and it maintains you skeptical at the same time. You don’t believe there is happy ending, and at the same time you know, you hope, everything’s going to turn out fine. That’s doublethink.

And, like it happened with A Clockwork orange, it made up words that where adopted in the language. I mean, “doublethink” isn’t even underlined in red, it’s a totally valid word now.

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